Friday, May 7, 2010

We All Drum with the Same Hands

I love this picture so much, I made it my computer wallpaper.
I LOVE their little hands (and they love our drum)!

Do you have this at your house?

Anna (3 years, 3 months) and I play an ongoing game of "Do you have this at your house?". Food, babies, dolls, pets, toys, etc. She loves to hear about things at my house, and I like to get a (maybe accurate) account of what life is like at her house. (Just imagine how big her eyes got when I told her my sister had a baby and she said, "At you home?")

Outside one afternoon, Anna and I were reading an alphabet book. On the page, "C is for Cat" I said, "I have a cat at my house, do you have one at your house?"
Anna, "No"
When we got to "E is for Elephant", Anna got really excited and asked, "You have at you house?"
Me, "No, I don't have an elephant at my house."