Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mozart Effect

I look over during snack, to see four girls "clinking" their paper cups together as if to have a toast! So cute! (But where did they learn that?) Cheers!

Happy Accident
We had a happy accident this afternoon. We put on some Mozart quietly and played with shaving cream. The green liquid watercolor on the same shelf as the shaving cream had leaked onto the bottom of the can. There were a couple of green circles on the table from the bottom of the can, and when you wiped your hand through them, the shaving cream turned green! We also added a few drops of purple liquid watercolor to some of it to make purple shaving cream! So much fun (and self cleaning!) Very Exciting!

The best part: Regan kept shushing everyone, so we could hear the relaxing music. Very peaceful.

Friday, April 16, 2010

she have color

At lunch:
Brandon, "Anna have color," wiggling his fingers.
Ms. Rose, "Yes, Anna has fingernail polish on her fingers."
Anna smiles and points to her shoes, and says, "toes."
Rose, "You know what, Anna even has polish on her toes!" (She showed me yesterday).
Anna looks at her shoes again and smiles.
Brandon, "Victoria no color, Ms. Rose no color."
Ms. Rose, "No, we don't have fingernail polish on our fingers, but Ms. Rose has some on her toes."
Anna gasps, then demands "Let me see!"
Not at lunch honey!

the park

We finally made it to the park this week (we try to go every Wednesday when the weather is nice). We had great discussions about the birds we heard and saw on the way, and of course the stop signs.

Choice Quotes:
Anna, "I hear bird!"
John Henry, "Look, birds!" (pointing and shouting every time he saw one on the ground, in a tree, in the sky, on the rooftops).
Regan, "Flowers!" (pointing to the dandilions).
John Henry, "I see stop!" (pointing to the stop sign from way down our really long block).

We finally arrived back to school after about an hour trip, and as we walk in the front door, Brandon says, "I love Ping Tom Park!" and Anna says with a sigh, "Ahhh, I so tired!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today at the beginning of naptime, I was sitting with another child when John Henry (3 1/2) said in a loud whisper, "Miss Rose, look!" I came over and looked closely as he carefully held out his finger with a little fuzz on it.
I said, "Oh, you've got a little piece of fuzz, huh?" as he transferred the fuzz onto my finger.
"Yeah" he said, as he went back to digging more fuzz from between his toes!
EWWW! (I promplty went to wash my hands.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new to me

My cousin Katherine started keeping a blog of her student teaching experience and I thought it was a lot of fun. Teachers, especially, can relate to the fun things kids say and do. I teach two and three year olds in Chinatown, so we have lots of adventures!

*Names have been changed to protect their innocence.

Brandon was sick for a couple of days. I asked him the next morning when he returned to school, "Brandon how are you feeling?"
Brandon (thinks for a second), "Happy!" with a big smile on his face. :)

Two weeks ago, we were headed for the park (2 blocks away). We made sure everyone had used the bathroom before we left, but half a block away from school, I turn around to see Jacob pulling his pants down and peeing like a sprinkler all over the sidewalk. It would have been better if he would have gotten his pants down before he started "sprinkling"! We turned the class around and headed back for the playground at school.