Monday, January 3, 2011

Pure Love!

Multi-media Mural

We worked on this over several weeks, pulling it off the wall every few days to add a new element.

My beautiful little artists!

For some reason they wanted to share one side of the easel. The other side was open, but I didn't object.

She's mine!

Anna from my class last year shares a babysitter with Matthew who is currently in my class. Anna and her older sisters came into my room last week to pick up Matthew. They came over to chat with me while Matthew and the babysitter got his things ready to go. Pretty soon Matthew came over and started talking to Anna in a very agitated tone (in Chinese), but I knew he said something about "teacher".

The sisters and babysitter responded with a quick, "Ok, ok, let's go," trying to usher Anna and Matthew out of the room. I stopped one of Anna's sisters and asked what he had said.

Her response, "He said, 'She is MY teacher, not YOUR teacher!'"