Monday, July 5, 2010

More Feelings!

We are still excited about feelings! This week I added a poster with different faces for different emotions, and during our hello song, the children got to choose which face described them. They loved it!

One day, Betsy came up to me and said, "Ms. Rose, angry!" (making an angry face herself)

She is holding a puzzle piece from a set of puzzles where the bear has different faces, shirts, and pants, and you can mix and match the faces and outfits. She must of been working on the puzzle when she ran across the angry face.

The Sun is Hiding!

My kids were very excited about the weather this spring, so I made 3 weather cards: sunny, cloudy, and rainy. We put one up each day to tell what the weather is like outside, and they love looking out the window and being the meterologist. A few of the children get very excited to change the card in the middle of the day when the weather changes. It gets to be confusing when it is a partly cloudy day and the sun goes in and out behind the clouds. I have described to them that when we can see the sun, but it isn't yellow, it is hiding behind the clouds.

The other day (which was a mostly sunny day), John Henry (3 and 1/2) ran up to me with the sunny and cloudy cards and said, "Eh sunny is hiding hind the cowds!" Holding "sunny" behind "cloudy" as seen:I looked outside and sure enough, the sun was hiding. John Henry went around the room showing all of his friends and telling them about the sun that was hiding.
After about five minutes, the sun came back out and he ran to me again and said, "Es Sunny! Es Sunny!" pointing to the window, holding up only the sunny card.
Future Meterologist?